DLW Red Power 583U

Homozygous Polled (50%) Balancer

Semen Price

$25 per unit

  • Outcross red Balancer genetics

  • Moderate framed individual with excellent muscle mass, depth of body, and natural fleshing ability to produce the scale busters at weaning time

  • The Red Power sons are beef machines and his daughters feature tremendous mass, phenotype, and teat size are rated as excellent

Registration Number: 1072061

Birth Weight89
205 Day ADJ Wt608
365 Day ADJ WT1192
Scrotal45 CM
Cane Code106XB1752

        BUF BFCk Cherokee Cnyn 4912 (MRM 1431)

HXC LCC Gravity B252L

        HXC HXC 950J (King Rob)

        MAC Mr Valhalla 544J ET (Trevor C17)

DLW Ms Finance 583R

       DLW Ms Ms Converter 006K (Grand Prix)