JRI Stimulus 214J32

Red Homozygous Polled (75%) Balancer

Semen Price

$25 per unit

  • Top selling Balancer bull in Judd Ranch 2022 Bull Sale

  • Unmatched phenotype and genotype genetics with an awesome foot and leg structure

  • His six year old Dam of Merit dam possesses a flawless teat and udder system

  • Carcass advantage: 4.9 IMF/17.01 square inch yearling ribeye!

Registration Number: 1510058

Birth Weight79
205 Day ADJ Wt810
365 Day Adj Wt1357
Yearling Frame6.1
Yearling Scrotal42 CM
Cane Code49GV2492

        JRI Pop A Top 197T83 (JRI Ms 197R72)

JRI General Patton 213B97 ET

        JRI Ms Extravagant 213T87 (JRI Ms 213R77)

       Schiefelbein Effective 61 (Answer 3979)

JRI Ms Envy Me 214C22

        JRI Ms Remedy 214A92 ET (JRI Ms 214P8)