JKGF Final Frontier C95

Homozygous Black Homozygous Polled (94%) Purebred

Semen Price

$30 per unit ($25 for 20 units or more)

  • Final Frontier offers you an excellent combo of maternal excellence and carcass merit

  • His renowned donor dam, KCF Miss Fortune U490, and paternal grandam, DLW Ms Matron 802U, have both produced a boatload of top of selling sons and daughter

  • Now pencil in Final Frontier’s exceptional carcass merit, Top 10% Marbling, and Top 10% Feeder Profit Index EPD Strength

Registration Number: 1324287

Birth Weight74
205 Day ADJ Wt785
365 Day ADJ WT1308
Cane Code48GV1025 or 138GV6070

        KCF Bennett U271 (J47 M184)

DLW New Frontier 33A ET

        DLW Ms Matron 802U (703S ET)

        JBOB Carolina Fortune 2564J ET (Miss 92C)

KCF Miss Fortune U490

        KCF Miss Landmark R352 (155E K388)