EGL Enterprise E080

Homozygous Polled (50%) Balancer

Semen Price

$50 per unit

  • The top selling bull in the Eagle Pass Ranch Spring 2018 Bull Sale

  • Enterprise’s incredible donor dam, EGL Phoenix T029 ET’s, progeny feature a 110 weaning weight ratio and her donor dam, EGL Phoebe G374, features a 110 weaning weight/117 yearling weight ratio on her calves

  • Awesome combo of breed-leading Gelbvieh and Red Angus genetics in a phenotypically unmatched package

Registration Number: 1402524

Birth Weight85
205 Day ADJ Wt709
365 Day ADJ WT1279
Yearling Frame6.0
Yearling Scrotal40 CM
Cane Code59GV386

        LJRA LSF Takeover 9943W (Conquest 4405P)

H2R Profitbuilder B403

        Brown Ms P707 Y6674 (B. Nebula P P707)

        SLC Freedom 178F ET (L. New Day 205 B)

EGL Phoenix T029 ET

        EGL Phoebe G374 (Bullseye C154 ET)

Notable Genetics
EGL Enterprise E080 Heifer Calf