BTBR Nevada 1170Y

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled (50%) Balancer

Semen Price

$20 per unit

  • Proven “heifer bull” genetics with the following phenomenal EPD strength

  • Top 2% Marbling coupled with top 15% Feeder Profit Index

  • Proven Balancer genetics that covers all the profitable traits!

Registration Number: 1184487

Birth Weight78
205 Day ADJ Wt707
365 Day ADJ Wt1128
Yearling Frame6.0
Yearling Scrotal37.1 cm
Cane Code54GV234

        SS Objective T510 OT26 (Traveler T510)

DBCC Final Objective T17A

        FHCC Eldorene Erica 3104 (R D Ambush 1531)

        VVFG Flying H Exclusive 194H (Advantage)

BTBR Ms Black Cross 6044

       BTBR Ms Black Cross 4089P (Atlas)