SKF Wharton 51W

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Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Black, Homozygous Polled Balancer

Carcass plus (top 3% marbling) “sleep all night” proven heifer bull genetics.

The breed’s #1 calving ease and (low) birth weight trait leader.

Breed trait leader for CED, BW, CEM, DMI, MB, ADG and RFI, $COW and FPI.

The Wharton daughters are moderate framed females with a super teat/udder system and they feature plenty of milk.

Registration Number: 1144566

Born: 9/1/09

Birth Weight: 64

205 Day Adj. Weight: 599

365 Day Adj. Weight: 926

Yearling Frame: 5.0

Yearling Scrotal: 38.0 cm

Cane Code: 54GV249

       EGL Target 1148 (Alliance 6595)

EGL Tenderloin N407

        EGL L280 (Cocoa/Kaiser)

        MYTTY In Focus (Countess 906)

JDKG Miss Prime Focus 680T

        JDKG Miss Prime Rate 82M (Rhett)

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