EBY Western Hauler 028S

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Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Balancer

Res. National Champion Paternal Sister

        JRI Extra Exposure 285L71 ET (Polled Sweetie)

JRI Great Western 254N68 ET

        JRI Ms P Blackberry 254K55 ET (Equalizer)

        RITO 6I6 of 4B20 6807 (Traveler 6807)

LYONS Delia Beauty 2028

        LYONS Delia Beauty 0301 (Donamere 490)

Registration Number: 1007861

Born: 4/5/06

Birth Weight: 78

205 Day Adj.Weight: 637

365 Day Adj. Weight: 1368

Frame: 5.9

Scrotal: 47 cm

Cane Code: 154GV045

2008 National Champion Balancer Bull at the Denver Stock Show.

Pedigree features breed-leading Gelbvieh and Angus genetics.

Incredible fleshing ability, depth and muscle shape in a moderate framed flawless made package.

His excellent testicular development spells fertility plus sons and daughters.

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