Red Polled Gelbvieh Sires

Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Arapahoe 207A    $30

Arapahoe 1050H    $30

Arrowhead    $20

Astro 2001B ET    $25

Astroid    $20

Buddy Boy    $25

Collateral 2R    $30

Crusader 285Y99    $40

Durango 366A    $25

Extra Hot    $20

Fosters L017 ET    $25

Free Agent 125J3    $20

Freedom 178F ET    $25

Full Exposure    $25

Polled Gizmo 17Z    $20

Grand Primo 43G5    $10

Grand Prix ET    $20

Hart 35W34    $20
Heavy Equipment 125M3    $25

Hillbilly Hero 71    $35

Hoss 293A43 ET    $25 Independence L19    $30

Ivers Judge J4    $30

Jagermeister 229M ET    $20

John Wayne 165Y8    $20

KHR 03F “Eclipse”    $30

Louie    $20

Next Step 285X72    $30

New Trend 217D5    $10

Pendleton 253H585 ET    $25

Pistol Pete 214A44    $30

Polled Summit 648U    $20

Pop A Top 2 ETN    $30

Powerbuilt 24H    $30

Profit Producer 254B32    $25

Red Directive 367A    $25

Red Oak 908W    $35

Rolex 151M    $25

Strictly Business 207E81    $20

Sustainabull 253F48    $25

Top Dog    $25

Top Recruit 254U82    $10

Top Secret 2 ETN    $15

Tops Down 914G    $30

Trade Secret 253G486    $40

Trump 270W13B    $15

All Cattlemen's Connection AI sires listed have been DNA tested Free for Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH), Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA), Osteopetrosis (OS) and Developmental Duplication (DD)...all known genetic defects.

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