BCFG Butlers Red Oak 908W

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Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Homozygous Polled 3/4 Gelbvieh

Red Oak sons and daughters are topping sales and shows across the country.

The Red Oak daughters in production are fabulous producers.

Mated to purebred Gelbvieh females all resulting progeny (bulls and heifers) can be registered as purebreds.

Registration Number: 1132998

Born: 9/19/09

Birth Weight: 73

205 Day Weight: 736

365 Day Weight: 1245

Mature Scrotal: 47 cm

Cane Code: 156GV043

     BUF BRCK Cherokee Cnyn 4912 (Chf 824-1658)

BCFG Butlters Cherokee 504T ET

       BCFG Butlers Ruby (Bruno)

        BCFG Butlers Ole Hickory 359R (Extra)

BCFG Butlers Rose 908T

        BCFG Butlers Electric Rose (S. Tank)

Red Oak Daughter
2013 Louisville Champion Balancer Female

Red Oak Daughter

2013 Louisville Champion Purebred Female

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