JCGR Bar GT Louie 2J

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Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Homozygous Polled Purebred

Total outcross to all Freedom genetics.

One of the breeds top GeneSTAR tested Tenderness Sires.

Nursed ten year old Shining Spirit daughter with an excellent low birth to performance plus growth spread on her calves.

A Louie daughter produced one of the top GeneSTAR sires in the breed...Collateral!

        GKT Boo Boo 155E (Cadillac)

GKT Bud 11G

        GKT Katie (Pepper Shaker)

        PGRS Shining Spirit (Mr Jack)


        WRGA 041Z (LNR Minuteman)

Registration Number: 656047

Born: 1/14/99

Birth Weight: 95

205 Day Adj. Wt.: 777

365 Day Adj. Wt.: 1320

Mature Frame: 6.1

Mature Scrotal: 43 cm.

Cane Code: GV954

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