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Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Red Homozygous Polled (50%) Balancer

Top selling Red Balancer bull in Grund Beef Genetics 2022 bull sale.

Really sound structured, massive individual with a terrific disposition.

Phenomenal EPD strength for calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass values.

Calf raising machine four year old dam with a 362 day annual calving interval.

Registration Number: 1521176

Born: 2/18/21

Birth Weight: 76

205 Day Adj. Weight: 809

365 Day Adj. Weight: 1327

Yearling Frame: 5.7

Yearling Scrotal: 37 cm

Cane Code: 106GV6038

     Bieber CL Atomic C218 (Andras Fusion R236)

Bieber CL Energize F121

      Beiber CL Adelle 575D (Beiber Hard Drive Y120)

       DCH Hille Collegian C134 (Alumni 7513A ET)

GRU Ms Collegian 714E

        DCH Hille C272 (Lazy TV Sam U451)

Dam 714E

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