CCRO Impact's Fortune 4209B

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Purebred

Top selling purebred bull in the C-Cross Cattle Company 2015 Bull Sale .

Impact’s Fortune 4209B’s maternal value is unmatched with legendary breed-leading AI sires’ Black Impact, TV Sam and Carolina Fortune.

Excellent combo of calving ease, growth, carcass and maternal cowpower.

        HYEK Black Impulse 1296L (V. Lady 296J)

HYEK Black Impact 3960N

        HYEK Black Ruby 9604J (Dottie F 6048)

        VRT Lazy TV Sam U451 (Fullback L643)

CCRO Carolina Queen 2331Z

        CCRO Ms Extra Fortune 0337X (RJ’s Extra)

Registration Number: 1312206

Born: 9/7/14

Birth Weight: 88

205 Day Adj. Wt.: 724

365 Day Adj. Wt.: 1262

Yearling Frame: 5.8

Yearling Scrotal: 40.3 cm

Cane Code: 36GV127

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