OZZ EXT Govenor 3N

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Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Purebred

Add up all the traits you look for in a bull and Govenor covers all the bases.

Muscular, phenotypically flawless package with excellent testicular development.

Breed-leading EPD strength for YW, Milk, TM, CEM, HP, PG 30, ST, DMI, YG, MB, $Cow and FPI.

Deceased...Very limited semen supply!

Registration Number: 850450

Born: 1/14/03

Birth Weight: 73

205 Day Adj. Wt.: 778

365 Day Adj. Wt.: 1221

Yearling Frame: 6.5

Scrotal: 38 cm

Cane Code: 16GV0874

        MLLC M/L Advantage (B. Premier)

FHG VVFG Flying H Exclusive

        FHG Flying H Cadisiter 95E (FHG 22Y)

        DHW Mr A34033E (340A)

OZZ CHA Michelle 74L

        OZZ Midnight Singer 65H (P. Midnight)

Beautiful Govenor Heifer Calf

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