Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Balancer

Outstanding EPD profile for CE, BW, MK, TM, CEM, HP, PG30, Carcass and Intake Traits.

Siring easy fleshing, moderate offspring with eye appeal.

Excellent choice for spreading BW to WW without sacrificing maternal and carcass strength.

        DVA Scout 553 (Juanada 33)

VRT Lazy TV Watchman W021

        VRT Lazy TV Ms Peterblt T309 (Ms Season P540)

        JBOB 3303K ET (Miss 92C)

EGL Janelle Y011 ET

        EGL Phoenix T029 ET (Phoebe G374)

Registration Number: 1355452

Born: 8-29-15

Birth Weight: 89

205 Day Adj. Wt.: 714

365 Day Adj. Wt.: 1040

Yearling Frame: 5.7

Yearling Scrotal: 40 cm

Cane Code: 293GV471

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Cattlemen’s Connection


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Godfather Awesome Dam


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