JRI Extra Exposure 285L71 ET

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Cattlemen’s Connection


Cattlemen’s Connection


Heterozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Purebred

Great cow families with perfect teat/udder systems back this 2002 National Champion Bull and his daughters are flawless in the teat/udder department.

Extra Exposure sons are beef packing machines and the daughters are truly beautiful with unmatched teat/udder quality.

Breed trait leader for Stayability, Dry Matter Intake, Yield Grade, Ribeye and (lean) Fat Thickness.

Registration Number: 757130

Born: 2/18/01

Birth Weight: 94

205 Day Adj. Wt.: 814

365 Day Adj. Wt.: 1390

Yearling Frame: 7.1

Yearling Scrotal: 41.4 cm.

Cane Code: 16GV0580

        KCF Bennett Premier Z104 (Virginian)

FHG Flying H Extra 150D

       FHG Ms FHG Nite Lady 50A (Night Hawk)

       HHF Polled Summit 648U (Floto)

JRI Ms Polled Sweetie 285C6

       JRI Ms Pld Preference 285A5 (Bartels)

10 Year Old Extra Exposure Daughter

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